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Need Canvas before Fall 2014?

We are offering a series of Basic basic training sessions for Canvas before the start of the Fall 2014 semester. You can sign up here: Register for a Summer Basic Basic Training Session

Read more about the sessions and schedule at the Training and Workshop page.

These sessions will cover how to transfer your materials (files) from SOCS to Canvas, and how to create assignments in Canvas — a fundamental skill for running a course in Canvas. The training is primarily for those who have not yet had exposure to Canvas.

Canvas Release Notes 7/26

Canvas Release Notes 7/12

Draft state becomes a standard feature.

Canvas Release Notes 6/18

Production Features Groups Student Group Leader As part of creating a new Group Set, instructors can choose to set a student group leader. Group leaders can help manage student groups within the course. By default this option is not automatic and only appears when creating a self sign-up group or splitting students into equal groups.Continue Reading

Canvas Release Notes 6/14

Canvas Release Notes 5/24

Canvas Release Notes  

Canvas Release Notes 5/3

Register for the 15th Annual ITS Workshop

March 28 – NJEDge.Net 15th Annual Faculty Showcase

Brookdale Community College                                                                                March 28, 2014 765 Newman Springs Road                                                                                          Continue Reading

Canvas Release Notes

Canvas Release Notes — Gradebook Notes and Select All conversations.