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SOCS – 2011 courses to be removed on June 7, 2013

On June 7th, SOCS will no longer contain Spring 2011, Summer 2011 and Fall 2011 Courses.  Resources and assessments in your libraries will not be removed.  These exist outside of the course and you will retain access to them for use in current and future courses.

For historical course information, please refer to PAWS, which contains the official record of your classes at TCNJ.

SOCS is the official TCNJ course management tool and is not intended as a data storage or portfolio tool. Submissions to SOCS and content made available in SOCS belong to the instructor on record.  Access to this data is at the discretion of the instructor, while the course is running and afterward.

In general, it’s a good idea to keep copies of important work, as stated in the Computer Access Agreement (to which all users of the TCNJ computer systems and network agree),

 If you create or maintain electronically-stored information which is important to your work or to the College in general, you are ultimately responsible for making frequent backups of the information. Information Technology makes a reasonable attempt to ensure the data and software on College servers are backed up regularly.