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Canvas Pilot

 Spring 2013 Canvas Pilot

The purpose of the Canvas Pilot is to use Canvas in a real classroom environment.  Participants of the pilot will provide important feedback on the new LMS that will be used to assess the system and shape IT support moving forward.

Participants are expected to:

– attend Canvas training in December prior to teaching with Canvas

– report any issue encountered with the system

– complete the Canvas Pilot Assessment

– willing to present on Canvas at the ITS Workshop on May 15, 2013


Pilot Resources:

To log in –

Canvas Help Center –¬†


Courses being piloted for Spring 2013:

AAS282-01 CSC230-01 CSC470-01 HIS190-01
IDS252-03 JPN171-01 JPN252-01 MIT201-01
MIT201-02 MIT201-03 MIT201-04 NUR340-01
NUR340-02 NUR340-03 PSY267-01 RAL320-01
RAL320-02 SOC301-01 SOC301-02 SPED521-01