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SOCS Resource Export Utility

Available Monday, June 10, 2013


The SOCS Resource Export Utility allows instructors to select resources from their resource library and export them as a zip file that can be used in Canvas or as a backup stored on their computer.  The utility allows you to export by resource profile, making saving sets of related files a breeze.

To export resources:

1)      Log into SOCS and scroll to the bottom of your Main Menu.

2)      Under the SOCS Toolkit, select the SOCS Resource Export Utility

3)      You can choose to filter this list by Resource Profile

4)      Select all resources, or just the ones you want to download.  (Note the Resource Type, as hyperlink resources do not import into Canvas as hyperlinks, they import as a shortcut file, so if you are planning on using the export in Canvas, you may want to select only File type resources)

5)      Click “Export”.

6)      Download the file and save it to a known location.  It will save as a zip file.  On most computers, double clicking on a downloaded zip file will allow you to view its contents.


Using exported resources in Canvas:

1)      Log into Canvas and choose the course you would like to use the resources in.

2)      Click on the File tool in the left menu.

3)      Add the resources to the course by:

a) Clicking “Add file(s)” and choosing the zip file of the Resources you want.

– or –

b) Find the zip file on your computer and drag it into your web browser window over the right panel in the File tool (Results will vary based on the web browser and computer operating system).

4)      Canvas will prompt you, asking if you would like to automatically extract the contents of the zip file.  Say “Yes”

5)      Canvas will extract the resource files from the zip file into your course Files section.